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Clear Bra Car Worth It

Clear Bra is probably one of the most wisest things you

This brand new CRV just got protected with Clear Bra, and

Chevy Avalanche paint premium guard Clear Auto Bra Chevy

Nice! Premium Package Clear Bra will do GOOD for this car

This 2017 Chevy Bolt just got all wrapped up in ClearBra

This brand new 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee got a full tint

The one’s I’ve seen with the 12″ or 18″ bra have had paint chips above the clear bra on the hood anyway so all and all there’s still chips on the car. IMO if it’s a daily driver sh*t is going to happen and if rock chips are the worst thing to go wrong you’re in good shape.

Clear bra car worth it.
I have a very well done clear bra on a white car. After eight years there is a barely perceptible yellowing of the film. I don’t think it would be noticeable on a car with color. I plan to replace it this winter as it has performed very will regarding chips, staining, etc
PPF is notoriously dull – and over time, tends to produce a yellowish hue. To improve the luster of the paint and clear coat, many car owners will either apply a ceramic coating on top of a fully PPF wrapped vehicle or install a PPF “Clear Bra” on the front grill and hood, with a ceramic coating applied on the remainder of the car. 2.
Clear Bra North Dallas is your leader in the DFW area for Clear Bra Installation. Affordable and Flexible to our clients needs. SunTek, SunTek Ultra, Xpel Ultimate Plus, Xpel ultimate, ceramic coating,and 3M VentureShield. Clear Bra North Dallas 11951 Hill Top Rd. suite 20 Argyle, Tx. 76226 214-414-3809 clear bra north dallas 2420 tarpley rd suite 206 carrollton tx. 75006. ceramic coating.

The clear bra is only worth it if you don’t like rock chips. Otherwise, don’t waste your money.. Pre-clear bra installation prep on new car, forum noob looking for feedback.. By robertway in forum Detailing 101 Replies: 7 Last Post: Jun 12th, 2010, 10:22 PM.
Thanks for the info @landoncube, three years in on our 3M wrap and the car looks fantastic!Great to hear that you were able to restore the finish for only $65. Well worth the expense of protecting the paint IMHO, I have wrapped both our MS’s, but delayed doing it on our new M3, which was a huge mistake.
It’s up to you to decide if the cost of a clear bra on your car is worth it. Think about how much you’d pay to get the paint fixed and get estimates from different companies before making your decision. And stop by SmartFilm serving the greater Phoenix Metro Area. Filed Under: Clear Bra Tagged With: clear bra.

Not too long ago, protecting the front of your car from paint chips meant installing an awkward vinyl bra, large and often unattractive hard-plastic wind reflectors and mud flaps. They worked – for the most part, anyway – but they usually detracted from your vehicle’s visual appeal and required regular maintenance.
Clear bra can be installed on practically any exterior painted panel of a car. Because clear bra is 8 mils thick, it is much thicker than any wax, sealant or coating currently available for automobiles. If you’re going to be spending thousands of dollars wrapping the whole car, you’re definitely going to want to find a qualified installer..
Clear bra is totally worth it. As others have said get as much coverage as you can afford.. Ceramic coating on the whole car under the bra. I considered doing it on top of the bra too but they say it loses some of its ‘healing qualities’ if you do this. I don’t plan on selling this thing or trading it in for a VERY long time… so for me, it.

The average car clear bra cost. The costs of a clear bra for your car will greatly depend on the vehicle parts you want protected, the car you want wrapped, the professional (if you choose one) you hire, the branded clear bra they use and where you live. As some car owners opt to cover certain parts, the costs will vary.
Looking for the highest level of car paint protection? Look no further than Xpel paint protection film (clear bra). No matter how clean your car is, or what ceramic coating it has, it’s still susceptible to rock chips & deep scratches. Whether it’s your daily driver or track toy, having the ability to preserve the paint from chips and damage from the road has never been easier than with Xpel.
PAINT PROTECTION FILM. Clear Bra paint protection is a product that will cover your vehicle’s paint and offers a seemingly invisible film protection. This clear car bra is a strong and invisible 8 mils thick (.008″) poly-urethane protective film that applies directly onto the surface of your vehicle.. This protective film cover’s the leading areas of your hood, fenders, mirrors, and entire.

My wide body redeye will be in next week and I was thinking of having the xpel clear bra installed. I live in Bel Air MD and the closet place that does it wants 5-6k to do the whole car. Is it worth it to do the whole car or are there certain spots to get done? Thank you Joe
Automotive Protective Films go by many different names: Clear Bra, Clear Mask, Invisible Shield, Clear Wrap, Rock Chip Protection, Car Scratch Protective Film, etc. The most common terms for car protective films are simply Paint Protection Film and Clear Bra, and we’ll use those two terms interchangeably in this article.
UV rays, scrapes, chips, and more are all extremely common on clear bras. In fact, if you don’t protect the clear bra, the plastic can actually dry out and become cloudy. And when you go to wax your car, you will find that along the edges of the clear bra a white buildup occurs that can leave an unsightly glowing effect.

Car Bra Purpose. Car bras, also sometimes referred to as masks, are designed to protect the front end of your car. Unlike hoods, roofs, trunks or even doors, front ends take a lot of damage from rocks, bugs, and highway debris.
We hope to be able to protect your vehicle, no matter if you drive a car, truck, suv, ride a bike, or go boating. Please contact us about protecting your next ride. Tags: 3M, Is clear bra worth it, Maryland Heights, paint protection film, premium shield, St. Louis, Suntek, xpel
Clear bra is for preventing rock damage. Ceramic coating is a thinner protective layer that won’t stop a rock from chipping the car, but makes the car super easy to clean and keep shiny for many years. Prices are all over the map. You can also opt for the combo, which is what many people do.

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